Mitsubishi Delica

Price (On The Road Jabodetabek) Rp429,000,000 - Rp450,000,000

New variant: Mitsubishi Delica Royal.
Enjoy the luxury and comfort in every family adventure with Mitsubishi Delica Royal. Completed with premium features and toughness as Sport Utility MPV.


New Feature: Leather Seat

New feature: Enjoy traveling in luxury and comfortable feelings with leather seat. (only available for Delica Royal variant)

New Feature: Audio Steering Switch

New steering completed by Audio Steering Switch to ease the settings of sound and multimedia. This feature makes you more comfortable and safe in driving (only available for Delica Royal variant)

New Feature: Chromed Mirror & Door Handle

Touch of chrome at side mirror and door handle reflected the luxurious accent without losing its toughness. (only available for Delica Royal variant)

New Feature: Rear Parking Sensor

Rear Parking Sensor feature completed with rear camera to maximize your safety driving. (only available for Delica Royal variant)

New Alloy Wheel Design

New alloy wheel design with velg 18” that elegant and strong to empower in every family adventure. (only available for Delica Royal variant)


Classic Steering Wheel with Luxurious Dashboard Design.


Smart Entertainment System.


Paddle Shift for sport utility in driving.

Reclining Seat

Spacious area which can use in different purposes. All seat can be shifted and reclined flexibly.


The grill mentioned elegant and tough design of Mitsubishi Delica.

Sliding Door

Sliding door in 2 side to ease movement of passenger.


Rear Combination Lamp and back design with luxurious accent.




Item   Delica Delica Royal
Price (On The Road Jabodetabek)   Rp429,000,000 Rp450,000,000
Overall length mm 4730
Overall width mm 1795
Overall height mm 1850
Wheelbase mm 2850
Ground clearance mm 190
Curb weight kg 1685 1690
Seating capacity persons 7
Turning Radius m 5.7
Type mm 4J11 (2.0L) S4 MPI S-MIVEC AS&G
Fuel Type Unleaded Gasoline (RON Min.90)
Engine displacement cc 1998
Compression ratio 10.5
Max. output PS/rpm 150 (110 kW)/6000
Max. torque kg.m/rpm 19.4 (191 Nm)/4200
Fuel system Multi Point Injection (MPI)
Fuel tank capacity L 66
Transmission type INVECS-III 6-speed CVT
Gear Ratio 1st-6th 2.349 - 0.394
  Reverse 1,750
Final Gear Ratio 6.466
Steering Rack & pinion (power-assisted)
Suspension front MacPherson strut, coil springs with stabilizer
  rear Multi-link, coil springs with stabilizer
Brakes front Ventilated disc 16"
  rear Disc 16"
Parking brake   Pedal type
Tire size front 215/70R16 99H 225/55R18 98H
  rear 215/70R16 99H 225/55R18 98H
Headlamp HID with auto-leveling
Front foglamp Available
Rear door power slide (both side) Color key with turning lamp Chrome with turning lamp
  Electric Available
  Retractable Available
Side under view mirror Available
Outer door handle Color Chrome
Glovebox Available
Combination meter cluster High contrast meter
MID Available (with color LED)
Steering 4 spoke, EPS, leather wrapped
Steering switch Cruise control switch Audio + Cruise control switch
Paddle shift Available
Audio "6.95"" digital capacitive touch screen, DVD/ CD/ Radio/ USB/ SD/ iPod/ iPhone playback, Aux-In, Wifi Display (w/o Wire), Finger Gesture Recognition"
Seat material Fabric, water repellent, soil resistant Leather
Height adjuster Driver side, lever type
Reclining & sliding function 1st row Available
  2st row Available
  3st row Available
Seat type 1st row Captain
  2st row Available
  3rd row "Bench 50:50 fold, split side fold"
Seat belt 1st row 3P ELR x 2
Seat material 2st row 3P ELR x 2
  3st row 3P ELR x 2
Floor center console box Standard type with lid and bottle holders
Keyless entry Available
Immobilizer Available
Keyless operation system Available
Engine start/stop Available
Parking Sensor Not Available Available
Rear camera Available
Air Conditioner 1st row auto A/C, Rear Manual cooler, Anti odor air filter
Door handle (assist grip) etractable x5 Fixed grip at front & rear door x4
Airbags Driver, Passenger, Driver Knee SRS dual stage
ABS with EBD + BA Available
ASC (includes TCL function) Available
Hill start assist system Available
Collapsible steering shaft Available
Side impact door beams Available
COLOR OPTIONS Diamond Black Mika, Cool Silver Metallic, Eiger Gray Metallic, Warm White Pearl
Produced at Pajero Manufacturing Co., Ld Mitsubishi Motors Corporation Japan

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