Dealer Suzuki Bekasi

New Mirage

Price (On The Road Jabodetabek) Rp162,000,000 - Rp184,000,000

City car that has everything you need. Predicated as “City Car of The Year 2013”, made Mirage as one of the most trusted city car in Indonesia.



15” Alloy Wheel
Bigger velg size with alloy material *Exceed and GLS type


Muffler Cutter design with Chrome layer
For more elegant appearance *Exceed type


Retractable Door Mirror with Turning Lamp
Automatic door mirror with turning lamp to improve safety driving. *Exceed type


Short Type Antenna
Smaller antenna design on the back side make New Mirage looks more compact


Front Body Kit and Black Out Front Bumper
Strong Design body Kit & bumper to conquer every corner your city with confidence


Rear Body Kit
Sport themes make you looks more sporty and stylish


Foglamp with DRL
Foglamp with maximum lightning plus Daytime Running Light (DRL) for your safety and comfort on your vehicle


Sporty Stripes
Street racing Stripes design for more aggressive looking appearance


Muffler Cutter
Chrome coated to add more elegant look


Side Visor
Side Visor additions to make you more stylish when you are driving


Rear Spoiler
Looks more stylish and sporty with aerodynamic spoiler Design


Center Panel dengan Chrome Accent
Audio System panel & automatic AC now appear in Chrome to make your Mirage more cool *for all New Mirage Variant




Price (On The Road Jabodetabek) Rp184,000,000 Rp179,000,000 Rp173,000,000 Rp162,000,000
Transmission Automatic (CVT) Automatic (CVT) Automatic (CVT) Manual (5MT)
Overall length mm 3,710
Overall width mm 1,665
Overall height mm 1,510
Wheelbase mm 2,450
Ground clearance mm 160
Curb weight kg 865 830
gross vehicle weight GVW kg 1,310 1,280
seating capacity persons 5
Engine Type mm 1.2 - liter 12-valve 3-cylinder DOHC MIVEC (3A92)
Engine Displacement cc 1,193
max. Output PS PS (kw)/rpm 77 (57) / 6000
Max. Torque Kgm (nm)/rpm 10.2 (100 Nm) / 4000)
fuel supply equipment ECI-MPI (Electronic Control Injection-Multi Point Injection)
fuel tank capacity Liter 35
Min. Turning Radius Meters 4.6 4.4
Type (code) INVECS III CVT (F1CJB) 5MT (F5MBD)
Type Rack and pinion with electronic power assist
(Tilt column steering wheel function)
Material 3-spoke leather 3-spoke urethane
Suspensions Front MacPherson strut suspension with Coil Spring
Rear Torsion beam suspension with Coil Spring
Brakes Front 13" ventilated disc
Rear 7" leading and trailing drums
front and rear 175 / 55r15 tires + 15" Alloy wheel
Headlamp Halogen headlamps
Front fog lamp Available Available (with DRL) -
front wiper/rear wiper Variable intermittent windshield wipers & washers / Intermittent windshield wipers & washers
Outer door & Tailgate handle / Side Mirror color-keyed + electric, autoretractable with side turn lamp color-keyed + electric
Muffler cutter Available Available -
Rear Spoiler Available Available -
Instrument panel (Dashboard) Two Tone (Black & Ivory) Monotone (black)
Audio Switch Control Available -
Seat material and color High Grade fabric - black and ivory Fabric - Black
Multi Information Display Service reminder, Trip computer - driving range & average fuel consumption, Illumination control
Audio System/Speaker Unique center panel with digital quartz clock + AM/FM & CD (Audio panel decoration: Chrome from silver-painted)
USB Port Available
Inner door handle Chrome
Rear Shelf Available
Comfort, Safety, and Security
Eco Indicator Lamp Available
Air conditioner Full Auto
keyless entry - Not Available
Power window (front & rear door) Available (equiped with Auto up & down and anti-trapping function in driver side window
KOS (Keyless Operating System) including start/stop engine button Available -
4 ABS + (EBD) Electronic Brake Distribution Available -
Airbag Available (driver+passenger)
Immobilizer Available -
High mount stop lamp Available (rear spoiler) Available
Rear Parking Sensor Available -
Luggage Room Lamp Available
Sporty Package
Front Body Kit - Available - -
Side Sill Extension - Available - -
Rear Body Kit - Available - -
Sporty Stripes - Available - -
Side Visor - Available - -
COLOR OPTIONS Lemonade Yellow Metallic, Red Metallic, Cool Silver, White Pearl, Elsen Gray Mica, Black Mica Lemonade Yellow Metallic, Red Metallic, Cool Silver, White Pearl, Elsen Gray Mica, Black Mica Lemonade Yellow Metallic, Red Metallic, Cool Silver, White Pearl, Elsen Gray Mica, Black Mica Lemonade Yellow Metallic, Red Metallic, Cool Silver, White Pearl, Elsen Gray Mica, Black Mica
Produced at Mitsubishi Motors(Thailand) Co., Ltd.

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